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At what age should you start a skin care regimen? Most experts agree that optimal skin care begins in your teenage years. But if you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late. The skin care experts at Bienestar Mia in Dallas, Texas, have years of experience creating skin care programs that address all skin types and concerns. Are you ready to receive compliments on your complexion? Call the practice today to make an appointment or reach out through the online booking portal.

Skin Care Q & A

What is skin care?

Skin care is a range of practices and activities that help promote healthy skin. It can include skincare products, nutritional choices, vitamin supplements, and protection against extreme weather conditions.

Bienestar Mia has a team of skin care experts who provide a range of skin care treatments and offer advice tailored to your skin concerns. 

What are common types of skin concerns?

Skin concerns come in all shapes and sizes. They can be ongoing or a one-off occurrence; seasonal or hormonal. You may have surprise flare-ups or a regular bout. They may be uncomfortable or unsightly. Understanding the type of skin care you need is the first step toward taking action. 

Skin concerns typically fall into one of three areas — beauty and appearance, chronic, and oncology-related issues. 

Beauty and appearance

Bienestar Mia uses the NeoGenesis® range of skincare products when treating conditions like rosacea, oily or problem skin, mature or aging skin, and pre- and post-surgery skin care. These are oncologist approved with no contraindications, 100% guaranteed, or your money back.


Chronic skin conditions include psoriasis, eczema, bedsores, dermatitis, shingles, wound carediabetic ulcers, and herpes and cold sores. They can be painful, and you may feel self-conscious during flare-ups. Neogenesis products incorporate stem-cell molecules to heal inflammation, abrasions, and open sores.

Oncology related

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can damage your skin, causing dryness, painful rashes, and open wounds. Your skin must receive vital nutrients pre- and post-treatment to alleviate discomfort and reduce the risk of long-term scarring.

Neogenesis skincare products use stem cell molecular technology to promote natural skin rejuvenation and heal inflammation, abrasions, and open sores. Bienestar Mia offers treatments and care for all skin types, so you can feel comfortable and confident in the skin you're in.

What are the benefits of practicing good skin care?

Your skin is a protective barrier that prevents infection from getting inside your body. But that’s not all — a good skin care regimen has plenty of other benefits, including:

Psychological benefits

It’s easy to feel self-conscious when you have a noticeable skin complaint — you may even feel like canceling social plans or avoiding drawing attention to yourself. Clear skin inspires confidence. 

Social benefits

Sadly, people often lose confidence if their skin doesn’t look as healthy as it could. Following a careful skin regimen can restore your confidence and make you more likely to socialize without thinking about your appearance. 

Preventive benefits

The earlier you start taking care of your skin, the longer it retains its elasticity and healthy appearance. 

Schedule your appointment with the skin care experts at Bienestar Mia through this website or over the phone, and look forward to showing off gorgeous, glowing skin.